Bourbon Ethics is a registered trademark and its role is to manage sustainable development activities in Madagascar. The community approach to production is developing thanks to the mutual commitment of Vanipro and a number of cooperatives created by small vanilla producers. By participating in the Bourbon Ethics programme, cooperatives can benefit from advance funding, quality incentives, donations and social welfare projects. The social approach improves the quality of community life (clinics, wells …) and individual well-being (payment of tuition fees, rice in exchange for schooling…) In return, the community must strictly follow a set of best practice procedures for vanilla treatment and harvesting.

The Bourbon Ethics programme relies on a strong network of industry players, trainers and lead farmers. The main contact is the group and each cooperative has its own management structure and is independent in terms of decision-making. Our role is to provide mentoring and support.

From a qualitative point of view, the aim of the Bourbon Ethics programme is to control a number of points that are critical to the production process :

  • The official opening date for vanilla harvesting that is set annually by decree ;
  • The harvesting of vanilla beans when they have reached full maturity, depending on their physiological characteristics ;
  • The non-use of vacuum packed semi-prepared vanilla ;
  • Traceability throughout the supply chain, with minimised risk of contact with non-industry products.

From a social, economic and environmental point of view, the Bourbon Ethics programme aims to significantly improve the livelihoods and living conditions of small farmers and their families :

  • By providing advance funding at difficult periods of the year when their income falls ;
  • By encouraging a quality approach with financial incentives ;
  • By introducing a social and environmental programme agreed upon with the community (reforestation, construction of a school or a well…).