Pre and post production quality control

By adopting such a quality approach, we gain a better understanding of:

Local players in the vanilla industry: They include 80,000 small farmers, collectors, preparers and exporters. The market appears to be quite straightforward, but actually, it is very complex. Many foreign companies have failed and suffered significant financial losses in the industry. Our added value lies in our thorough knowledge of the sector. We understand the problems faced by each player at various periods of the year and can therefore provide them with solutions for production and assist with social issues. Our approach focuses on compliance with best practices for harvesting, processing and preparation. In addition to this, we have developed a sustainable development programme aimed at providing better living conditions at grassroots level.
Changing needs and customer demand: Traceability, quality management, our social, ethical and environmental programme and client audits are all proof of our commitment to building very transparent relationships with our customers. Our approach also takes into account the needs of our customers and how our vanilla beans are used. We intervene in the industrial processes of our customers, notably to ensure that the exact required vanillin content and organoleptic values are respected.