Our external organisation is structured around two sectors of activity:


IMG_0077We have built partnerships with Malagasy exporters whose work involves the collection, preparation and conditioning of vanilla. Our subsidiary Vanipro Mada is involved at every stage of production during the 12 to 18 month cycle, from the moment the vanilla is picked and until it is exported. The batches of vanilla are recorded and traced, then samples are taken and results are analysed and controlled by our internal laboratory.


173-hautTo develop this kind of production, cooperatives have been created in the SAVA region (main vanilla producing region). We help small farmers to work together in cooperatives and create a community of resources. We assist them in daily life and, on their behalf and by mutual agreement, we organise production based on a social, ethical and environmental approach. This type of organisation involves smaller production volumes and was introduced in 2010 to produce organic vanilla. New cooperatives are currently being set up as part of our Bourbon Ethics label programme.